The Ears and Eyes of America

How I found out about the Corn Potato String Band is another mystery. I’m glad I did!  These guys are simply astonishing. They have an unusual, eclectic selection of music for one thing. They remind me of the Uncle Walts Band sort of from Austin in the early 70’s, but a little edgier. Then there’s Aaron Lewis, who will be featured in the next issue of iFiddle Magazine. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and man he plays that fiddle.

The Corn Potato String Band has a new album out called:

Good Job Everybody

This album features the best of rare and nearly-forgotten old time country music played with energy, originality and love. Includes a twin-fiddle Midwestern polka, an original double-banjo tune, and plenty of cautionary tales. Recorded live, no overdubs.

Aaron Jonah Lewis – Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar
Ben Belcher – Banjo, Guitar
Lindsay McCaw – Guitar, Fiddle, Hawaiian Steel Guitar

  • Produced by Aaron Jonah Lewis and Giles Perring
  • Recorded and Mixed by Giles Perring,
    Sound of Jura, Scotland
  • Mastered by Katie Gilchrest,
    Mythology Mastering, Los Angeles
  • Album Artwork by Lindsay McCaw
  • Disc Face Photo by Paul Van Der Blom
  • Corn Potato Action Figures by Claire Brennan
  • Inside Panel Photos by Aaron Jonah Lewis
  • Album Design by Braden Baer

All songs public domain, except ”I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes” by Slim Willet, Virginia Suber Franks, Goldie Hill, “(When You See) Those Flying Saucers” by Grean Coben, “Emotions” by Don Reno, “Was I Drunk” by Chick Endor, Charlie Farrell, “There’s a Rainbow In Every Teardrop” by Erwin King, Slim Whitman, used by permission, and Corn Potato Stomp, by Aaron Jonah Lewis.

Corn Potato Sting Band

       You should pick up this record as soon as you can. Click here to purchase Good Job Everybody