About iFiddle Magazine

Hi, I’m Mike and iFiddle Magazine is by fiddlers and for fiddlers. I’m a fiddler and lived to tell the tale.

Some of the best fiddlers on the planet are in iFiddle Magazine. Since October of 2013, iFiddle has brought the masters of fiddling, teaching, interviews and much more.

iFiddle Magazine is published quarterly on iTunes and the PDF print version is on this site.  Thanks for being a loyal reader of iFiddle Magazine.

In 2013 my teacher, Wade Stockton suggested I should start a magazine. I’d only been playing a few years at the time. Since I was from a technical background, I started researching how to start a magazine. Shortly after, iFiddle Magazine was born.

I said I play fiddle, Not good, but I play. The goal here is to help players play better and to inspire others to play by interviewing great fiddlers and watching them and learning from these masters. 

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