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issue 43

Over the past eight years, Tatiana Hargreaves has been on the forefront of an up and coming generation of old time, bluegrass and new acoustic musicians. Since releasing her first solo album “Started Out To Ramble” in 2009, Tatiana has toured with musicians such as Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Laurie Lewis, Darol Anger, and Bruce Molsky. From being the second woman to place first at the Clifftop Appalachian Fiddle Contest, to her bluegrass fiddling on Laurie Lewis’ GRAMMY-nominated album The Hazel And Alice Sessions, Hargreaves shows a musical fluency that flows between old time and bluegrass worlds with ease.

The great Irish fiddler, Tom Morley is teaching another classic Irish tune. The Rakes of Mallow. Complete with fiddle cam and sheet music and the history behind this tune.

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This issue the incredible Irish Trad fiddler, James Kelly is featured. I interviewed Mr. Kelly and we spoke about a lot of Irish fiddling and what to do to get that sound your looking for. Also, Ernie Hill reviews the late John Hartford’s Mammoth Fiddle Collection that was recently discovered by his family. This is valuable information and he tell you where you can pick up a copy. Tom Morley, another fine Irish fiddler has a new tune to learn, The Gary Owen.