I recently interviewed James Kelly for this Winter 2019 issue of iFiddle. James is a master Irish fiddler and a wonderful person. He shared from his vast knowledge of Trad fiddle. He teaches the Harvest Home.

Another fine Irish fiddler, Tom Morley is back with another of his amazing Irish Trad fiddle for beginners. This time he teaches the classic tune, The Gary Owen.

Folk writer and musician, Ernie Hill has reviewed the new tome by the late John Hartford called, The Mammoth Collection of Fiddle Tunes. You won’t want to miss this great review of this.


This is the October 2018 issue of iFiddle. I interviewed Jason Kleinberg. His website is called FiddleHed and Jason is one of the most innovative teachers I’ve seen and a very interesting person. His laid back style is hypnotizing. Listen the way he describes his style of teaching.

Tom Morley is back with a new tune he’s teaching, The Shannon Breeze. Tom is a great teacher and I’ve met him at the acclaimed Fiddle Hell fiddle camp in Massachusetts and can tell you he’s a professional musician and this is what he does. He plays and teaches.

Thanks for downloading this issue.