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Old-time fiddler Erynn Marshall

In January of 2016 the great old-time fiddler, Erynn Marshall was featured in iFiddle Magazine. I’d been trying to interview Erynn for a while but our paths didn’t cross. As fate would have it, she and Carl Jones were playing a house concert in Austin. I’m close to Austin so I headed up to hear them play. And man was I glad I did. I was able to get an interview and record some of the tunes they shared. It was really memorable. If you ever get a chance to see Erynn and Carl, do it. You won’t regret it. They are some of the finest musicians around.

Here’s a tune Erynn played that night called, Piney Woods. A really beautiful, haunting melody.

Piney Woods

Also in this issue, Irish fiddle master, Tom Morley teaches the tune, Marc

Also in this issue, Irish fiddle master, Tom Morley teaches the tune, March of the Crows. “Last year I shared many tunes and stories with you here in the digital pages of iFiddle magazine. Not only did I show easy representative tunes including a jig, reel, barndance, polka, slide, hornpipe, and slow air, but I also enjoyed writing about my visit to England where I learned about the rich repertoire of English fiddle tunes. Finally, it was an honor to share my video interview with master Irish fiddler Maurice Lennon in the December issue. Who knows what the fiddling world of 2016 will bring? I hope it brings some nice musical surprises for us all! But I can safely predict that it will also bring more great beginning Irish trad tunes that I’ll demonstrate and teach”.

Tom is a great teacher, and he talks about the tune and provides the sheet music to go with it. Check it out.

Without a doubt, Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry’s name takes a while to write out. Although he’s not a household name yet, I’m certain we’re going to be hearing a lot from this awesome musician in the month’s and years to come. I featured Fitz in the August, Issue #7 and he did a piece on improvising, which he is a master. Fitz is a proficient teacher as well.
Now, iFiddle has the good fortune to have Fitz do a monthly column beginning with this issue. He is the owner of the Fiddle Jam Institute, an online site he’e been teaching on for a while.